She Stopped Consuming This One Ingredient And She Lost 40 Kilograms!

healthy weight loss

31 – year-old mother has lost nearly half of her weight and now has 50 kilograms thanks to a big change.

healthy weight loss

Donna Doherty at one point of her life had weight of 100 kg and the biggest culprit for this were fast food and soft drinks full of sugar.

“In my twenties I lived practically on junk food and sweets and I had no idea how it affects my health,” says Donna .,, Although I have tried a lot diets , they have not given the desired results because I was constantly surrounded by unhealthy food.”

However, in 2013 Donna realized how much weight she had and she considered that it is urgently necessary to do something about it .

At the same moment she threw away all the junk food she had in her home.

“I knew I needed a big change and I couldn`t wait any longer . Therefore, I threw all unhealthy foods from my life and started to train. When my father was diagnosed with diabetes, very well acquainted with all the dangers of sugar, and that further made my decision to take out of life,” says Donna .

She soon began to exercise with a private trainer and now she spends five days a week in the gym.

“I have severe cardio exercises with weights . For one year I lost nearly 40 kilograms . I can not believe how good I look and feel much better ,” said Donna , writes British ” Mirror “.

Besides training , she replaced her favorite sweet foods with healthy alternatives.

Her day starts with a healthy breakfast, mainly porridge , for lunch eat eggs , and she preapers for dinner  any kind of healthy meal.

“I want all those who plan to make a big change in their life to tell them that it was not an easy decision and they be should more motivated because everything is on them. The reward is incredible. I feel much better and I love my new look “ , says the mother.

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