The Weights In The Gym Have Even 362 Times More Bacteria Than The WC Shell!

Next time when you decide to work on your body form, think twice about the fact in which gym you should go!

Weights, screens and any other piece of the gym equipment has more than a million bacteria per square inch, so many of them can cause pneumonia or sepsis. That`s why the best gyms in the world are very clear.

From cardio to strength training , gym offers plenty of equipment. It ‘s a great designed and helps a lot to make your form to the top. But science has new information that every visitor of the gym needs to hear the following – the equipment may expose us to dangerous bacteria.

The stay in the gym is certainly not complete if you do not use weights. Without them strength certainly is not proven and raised. But, the most important thing is that they are the most dangerous. Every time you take the weight or the touch screen treadmill , you come into contact with bacteria that cause pneumonia or sepsis, and some of them are even resistant to antibiotics. Researchers from FitRated have taken bacteriological samples from as many as 27 different pieces of fitness equipment and found that each piece of equipment has more than one million bacteria per square inch.

The average exercise bike has 39 times more bacteria than the tray in the school cafeteria, typical ergometer machine has 74 times more bacteria than the taps in public toilets , and weighs on average 362 times have more bacteria than the board of WC shell. All three pieces of equipment also have a gram positive coca , bacteria that commonly cause skin infections and diseases.

One member of the research team explained that the reason for this is simple – exercise equipment are used from the broader community of people , and because it comes to the rapid growth in the number of bacteria. Think of it as long handling to extremely sweaty people.

The gram -negative bacteria that cause infections resistant to antibiotics, as well as gram -positive, which are not harmful to humans , but may occasionally cause infections. In addition, researchers discovered that  bikes and have bacterium Bacillus, a potential cause of inflammation of the ear, eye and respiratory infections.

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