The Real Truth About Paracetamol (Panadol) : The Famous Drug Not Just That Kills The Pain, It Kills Something More Important !

Although it relieves pain , acetaminophen, which is also known as paracetamol, prevents us from our own pain and from our struggles, but also it helps to sympathize with the pain of others , according to new research. Scientists believe that enthralling the part of the brain involved in feeling pain, hinders the compassion of the pain of others.


Since the previous studies of this drug , which are showing that acetaminophen dulls the sense of joy , there is still much to learn about it, say experts from the Ohio State University .

Acetaminophen can reduce the ability for empathy , which is worrisome. Empathy is important. If you have an argument with a spouse , and just before that you drank one acetaminophen, your ability to understand why you are hurt and also your bad feelings may be reduced , ” they added, writes Daily Mail.

This is not only surprising effect of paracetamol. Previous research led to the conclusion that the analgesic relieves hard decisions .


When ,,our heart is hurt’’

” Humans have a unique ability to make complex decisions ,” say scientists at the University of Kentucky. When they do something, they use words that are associated with physical pain , for example, say that  they ” hurt the heart ”  because they have to sell the house in which lived for years.

“We believe that the very hard decisions that we make have not just only metaphorical meaning, and if so, why some things which relieve physical pain can also have an effect on relieving psychological pain when making such decisions ,” say the scientists.

” A decision may be painful, but analgesic against physical pain can mitigate this effect ,” they conclude .

Finally, paracetamol can relieve pain due to large amounts of cash spent , research suggests. ” Physical pain suppressants can reduce for example “Pain due to payment” , which refer to the cases when people suffer greater psychological pain when they spend cash than to withdraw the credit card through the device. ”

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