MENOPAUSE!!! Top 5 Vitamins and Minerals to Prevent Hot Flashes

Every woman has more than one-third of her life ahead of her after menopause. Great time for lifestyle changes that can help every woman make the most of the coming years is the menopausal transition. There is more you can do to stay healthy and to avoid health conditions which are more common after menopause. Here is a list of the best essential vitamins that can help woman during menopause.


  1. Calcium

Calcium is very important electrolyte that is sometimes lost in the sweat from hot flashes or night sweats. NIH or National Institute of Health, recommends that normal calcium intake is 1000 mg every day for woman ages 20-50 and 1200 mg each day for woman over 50.

  1. Omega – 3 Fatty Acids

Polyunsaturated fats which are vital for cell maintenance and can benefit every woman with hot flashes are Omega-3 Fatty Acids. This supplementation is very helpful in reducing the frequency and intensity of hot flash episodes.


  1. Vitamin B

Vitamin B, especially folic acid B9, can be very useful for your hot flashes. Consuming this vital nutrient from soy, you get more protein and fiber. Soy milk, soy yogurt and tofu are great sources of soy.


  1. Vitamin E

As alternative therapy for hot flashes during the menopause is the Vitamin E-antioxidant. As rich sources of Vitamin E we can mention roasted sweet potato salad or almond butter. Vitamin E won’t work for everyone, but it’s worth to try. Before you start consuming your Vitamin E regimen, we recommend you to consult with your doctor about appropriate dosages.


  1. Vitamin C

A very helpful antioxidant vitamin, which is also familiar as ascorbic acid is the Vitamin C. This antioxidant vitamin has been used in combination with hesperidin, a compound from citrus fruits  to reduce hot flashes. You can calm your hot flashes or other menopausal symptoms by adding plenty of citrus fruits to your diet.

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