WARNING : The Main Cause For Asthma, Cancer and Heart Attack Is Located In Your Home!

There is an attention by the scientists who are saying that daily housework or avoiding it can impair the health of your family!

In order to believe in it, there is an example. House activities such as washing and cooking can inevitably change the air we breathe at home, also the use of chemicals when you are cleaning the floors or windows emits to 900 species of toxic substances in the air! Moreover, your house hides mold, pollen, and carbon monoxide in the corners.

Furthermore, the strongest link with poor air quality in your house scientists have found with heart disease, lung cancer and the development of asthma.

Symptoms suggestive of air pollution in your home

Coughing, watery eyes, dizziness, fatigue and headache are some of the milder signs that your home air is polluted. But can occur and stronger symptoms such as eye irritation, rash, muscle pain, breathing problems, fever and shivering.

But, there is no space for worries! In the text bellow you will read tips that can significantly reduce the intake of harmful particles, solids and microorganisms in your home and in that way can be avoided dangerous diseases!

It is about the following tips that can help you a lot.

  1. Make sure that you are ventilating your room every day.
  2. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products – they contain fewer toxins and pollutants, and therefore the air will be fresher and cleaner.
  3. Instead deodorant, use roll-on in a plastic box.
  4. After use, especially during the night, turn off the power of all devices that should not always be switched on, as chargers when devices are full – you will have a double benefit: cleaner air and lower energy bills!
  5. On the carpets are collected fungi, mites, dust, hair from pets and many harmful particles, so it is better to opt for wood flooring and home slippers.
  6. Never enter with shoes, because the shoes carrying a lot of contaminants, dirt and soil, which also will spread all over the house, and later will inevitably come into contact with it.
  7. Make sure to dry clothes outside in the fresh air, and if you do not have the opportunity for that, open the windows more often.
  8. Regularly change the curtains of the bathtub and pay attention not to be of vinyl – this material retains water so the mold evolving at the speed of light.

As every matter has bright side, there is also black one. The black statistics say that those apartments that have very poor ventilation and air pollution are the leaders when it comes to diseases in the USA.

In addition, scientists are claiming that there is a link between exposure to pollutants in indoor and cardiovascular disease, and many studies have confirmed that air pollution indirectly causes two million deaths annually!

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