Simple and Natural Ways to Become A Virgin Again

Recently, in the medicine was released very interesting information. Scientists maybe found the key how to become a virgin again. Even though this is not scientifically proven,  there are some helpful and natural ways to try in order to become a virgin again, i.e. to tighten your vagina.


It is acknowledged that if people are sexually active, women`s vagina becomes very expanded.

A tight vagina is very important for a woman because it is helpful both, sexually and otherwise. To dispose of tissue, you can use few remedies to tighten your vagina muscles quickly.

Moreover, there can become a problem between love couples about this thing. So in order to prevent this terrible scenario, scientists have been thinking about the idea of finding a solution for the vagina tightness.

However, these are a homemade and natural remedies, which  are safe to use and can dispose of different problems identified with genital area, which is a vaginal odor, an excess of white vaginal discharge.

The next ones are very simple and very useful routines, which you can try at home.


Comosa strengthens the walls of your uterus. This herb strengthens the vaginal wall and the pelvic tissues within a month.


Oak Apple or Oak Gall is the round, large apple like Gall commonly found many species of oak. It is a Thai herb that contains a lubricating and a powerful soothing compound. It helps to tighten the vaginal walls.


To make your vagina tight, you should grind the powder of this herb and wash your private part with it once a week.


You should do this by boiling some gooseberries in the water and then store the resultant in one bottle.  When you take a bath every day, apply this solution over the vagina. This will rapidly restore the elasticity of your vagina in no time.


This is also used for breast enlargement. According to some experts, utilizing this natural home remedy to tighten your vagina is very helpful, it gives vagina a firmer pull.

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