REMEMBER : Always Sleep on The Left Side of Your Body! This is why…

Sleeping is the one of the crucial factors which is important for your health and also for your body. Thus, you need to sleep in the limits which are providing you fresh appearance. It is maybe one of the most effective home and natural remedies in order to have great look. The best thing about it, is that makes your immune system be stronger, it also replenishes energy , improves your brain and also it helps for resting it.

Moreover, it really has a great result in providing the longevity. Despite the fact it has a lot of beneficial things for improving your creative mindset, it also increases mental aculity and enhances learning.  Sleeping is very important especially for the neurotransmitters and hormones which are  related to healing and repairing injuries and diseases are released in high amounts during sleep, so that is why it is worth doing.

Allegedly, adult people need seven to nine hours of sleep per night.  In order to heal our bodies, we increase these numbers, until we get the wanted results.

The main factor for pain and for a lot of diseases is in fact the lack of sleep. It is known that sleep deprivation prolongs the process of healing our body, but it can make our well being worse and our current situation unpredictable. The reason for this is because of the fact that our sympathetic nervous system is forced to work harder and more that it does. This is why appears the hormone which is known as cortisol, which elevates levels of stress in our body.

Therefore, sleep deprivation has very disadvantages, as the fact that it provides glucose to our body and also impairs our memories and learning. It is known also that it has a role in increasing inflammation, impairing our cognitive function and impacting our appetite, all of which hinders your body to properly heal itself.

A lot of people are not conscious about these facts. Especially the fact that it is important on which side you sleep, because of the functioning of the digestive system.

There is a historical proverb that monks lied down after their meals, in order to help the digestion.

The Oriental medicine has an important role here, especially the Ayurveda which is telling us why we need to sleep on the left side of our body :

  • Improves the digestion,
  • contributes to the healthy and wealthy function of the spleen,
  • improves elimination of dangerous substances, which occur a lot,
  • supports lymphatic drainage,
  • promotes blood flow to the heart,
  • contributes to a freer bile flow ,
  • Aids the heart to send blood down..

Because of the tough life we have nowadays, we do not get enough sleep. It is not healthy at all. Thus, everyone should be aware about the consequences which come after sleep deprivation. They are serious.

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