It is in our nature, that any time we make a decision to go somewhere with our car, we are responsible for our and the health of the ones with us, especially the loved ones.  Anytime you leave the car you close the doors and the windows. It is a general fact, which every person does it.  However, besides the fact that you leave the car in a pleasant shade, it can gather 400-800 mg of benzene.

Moreover, it is considerable the fact that in a situation when it is too hot and our car stops on a very strong sun, especially in a temperature higher than 16 degrees Celsius, the level of benzene is increasing. In fact, it is achieving 2000 to 4000 mg , which shows to be very big amount. Also, it is 40 times more than the allowed and guaranteed level.

When you are locked in your car, especially with closed windows, you breathe in fact in the benzene. We are not aware that it is causing harm to your organs, as kidneys, the bone tissue and also the liver. In long term, it has more disadvantages which are coming to our health.

There are instructions that every car has, which are showing that cars` manuals are telling us that we need to open the car`s windows anytime when it is turned the A/C, even though they are not saying why it is in that way. Of course, the thing that we want from these instructions is to protect us and also our general wellbeing.

There are medical facts and explanations for this situation. It is about the following text.

The study shows that aftereffects demonstrate that before it begins to cool the air, the aeration and cooling system launches all the warmed ventilate, and with it – the benzene, a poison that causes disease and very harmful situations.

So as to, when you are in your car and you are sitting in it, despite the fact that you do not notice any kind of odor which is full of warmed plastics, you should open the windows and then you should eventually turn on A/C. When you do that, leave the car to be with open windows for a couple of minutes.

If you are not sure about the written in the previous text, you should keep exploring these facts and maybe you will make a change and you may bring a worth trying discovery.

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