Every Woman Needs To Know These Unbelievable Beauty Tricks

Young woman with facial mask and avocado

Even though we live in modern and very progressive era, the alternative medicine did not disappear, so we use it any time it provides a result to our body. Natural medicines and remedies are far more better and healthier, than the chemicals. This homemade recipe is very easy to make, because these ingredients can be found in every home of a householder.


Furthermore, this thing is very easy to prepare. So, in the following text you will read a lot of tricks in order to eliminate the imperfections you have.

  • CUCUMBERS – in order to make this mixture you need to blend the potatoes and the cucumber juice. In that way you will remove the bags under your eyes. Moreover, it is advisable to add equal portions of cucumber and lemon juice, so the mixture will be more efficient in the removing. You need to hold this remedy for 15 minutes on the dark sides under your eyes.


  • DARK UNDERARMS – the sunny weather outside says to us that we need to wear shirts without sleeves, but in addition we have problems with our underarms, because they have black spots. In order to get rid of them, you need to apply on them plain yogurt, one tablespoon of milk and flour. That thing should stay around 15 minutes and after that it should be showered. The positive effects will come very fast and they will disappear if you repeat this procedure for a quite time.


  • BLACKHEADS – if you want to forget about the blackheads, you need to mix two tablespoons of cornflower and two teaspoons of vinegar. You should apply it for 10 seconds and then wash it with cold water.


  • WRINKLES AROUND THE MOUTH – you need 200 grams of beeswax, 750 ml of olive oil and marigold flowers. This should be boiled for about one minute and should be left to get its effect for a whole night. This thing should be used every morning for two weeks in order to have its effects.


  • CRACKED HEELS – they are much more extended in the winter. In order to eliminate them you need to put a ripe of banana for 15 minutes. Even though you can use warm water to soften them too.

There are also much more natural remedies for any other imperfection you have. Mix all ingredients you have at home and maybe you will make some new recipe which will be far more effective than the chemicals we use in everyday life.

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