Have You Ever Been Curious About The Meaning And The Color Of The Bottom Stripes On Your Toothpaste? Find Out Now

All of us are wondering ourselves what may be the meaning of these stripes. But in fact this is important thing, because it says a lot about the type of the toothpaste. Even though, it should be mentioned that a lot of people may not noted this thing.


Thus, when in doubt which toothpaste to buy, look at the bottom of the toothpaste and pick the right color carefully.


In fact, they are showing the components of the toothpaste. So in that order you need to know which color to pick.

  • RED STRIPES – in this kind of toothpaste there are no chemicals and all the components and ingredients are natural. You should not be scared when you buy this kind of toothpaste.
  • GREEN STRIPES – here all the ingredients and components, and even more all the composition is natural.
  • BLACK STRIPES – there are only just chemicals in the toothpaste and so the composition of it.
  • BLUE STRIPES – a lot of the ingredients and components in this one are natural, but there should be noted that any kind of medicines may be added, but not in a big amount, because more extended are the natural components.

A lot of big factories and the industries which represent the toothpaste factory struggle and have fight for these facts. Some of them say that this is not true and that these colors do not show the previous said. But some on the contrary say the opposite thing. So people are always in doubt, because they do not know what to do.

It is up to anyone. People may follow this rule and to do it in practice, but also if you are not sure and if you suspect in these things, you can make a further research about this, so you will know what to do.


In addition, if you are not addicted to the thing about looking of the components of a toothpaste, you should keep going with your attitude. As we mentioned, it is up to you and your thinking.

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