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    DO NOT EVER REHEAT THESE FOODS: If You Do That, They Can Poison You And Your Family

    REHEAT Foods

    The fast life that we live nowadays does not leave us much time to prepare fresh meals at home, but unfortunately very often we are forced to use instant and quick solutions , which include reheating food that prepared several days ago.

    But you must know that not all foods are good for reheating , both because of bacteria that can not be destroyed by reheating and because proteins whose molecules are shattered during re- heating.

    And while some of them may pass such a process without any danger, for example : beans, peas and various soups , these five foods should never be reheated.


     Chicken and other meat poultry, as well as eggs may be contaminated with salmonella. It can be an even bigger problem if the chicken that we suppose to eat is reheated it in the microwave, because its waves penetrate to all parts of the food, as the cases when it is heated on the stove.

    Reheating chicken is not recommended largely because , unlike red meat , it has a higher density of proteins whose molecules during reheating otherwise shatter, which can lead to stomach problems and various digestive problems, writes Independent.


    The most important thing about the rice is how it will be stored after its preparation for cooking. If after cooking is kept at room temperature , bacteria multiply very quickly and can produce a poison which can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Reheating the rice would not eliminate all toxins, but will only worsen things.


    Similar to the rice problem, the case with potatoes is very alarming, but in the manner of storage after preparation. If the potatoes are stored at room temperature, not refrigerated , they create perfect conditions for the development of bacteria … especially if potato is wrapped in foil and with no contact of oxygen. Reheating of the potatoes will  cause an extreme and very dangerous bacteria, which leads to botulism, a dangerous infection that at worst paralyzes the brain and nerves get stopped with their work.



    Spinach and other leafy vegetables , depending on where are they grown , contains enough nitrates, which in themselves are harmless, but by heating they are converted into nitrites and then nitrosamines that are known to be carcinogenic . It can affect the ability of the bloodstream to carry oxygen to organs and in young children can lead to a condition known as blue baby syndrom, which occurs in the respiratory system.


    Mushrooms contain protein which can easily break the enzymes and microorganisms. If you do not store them well, mushrooms can very quickly fail and cause gastric problems after reheating . It is recommended that they should not stay in the longer than 24 hours  and also they need to be heated solely at temperatures above 70 degrees.

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    Drinking Water on Empty Stomach Immediately After Waking Up!

    The consumption of water as soon as one wakes up is a popular ritual in Japan. It has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to our health. Namely, this routine is extremely helpful in the treatment of numerous diseases, including: meningitis, arthritis, headache, heart beating fast, diarrhea, vomiting, urine and kidney diseases, epilepsy, bronchitis asthma, diabetes, menstrual disorders, all eye diseases, obesity and many others.


    Follow the rules below and feel the positive effects of this Japanese ritual:

    • Drink 4 x 160 ml of water immediately after waking up, even before brushing teeth.
    • Afterwards, you can brush your teeth, but wait for another 45 minutes before you eat anything.
    • after those 45 minutes, you may eat normally.
    • do not drink or eat anything after your meals for another 2 hours.


    Individuals unable due to sickness or age to drink 4 glasses of water can gradually increase the content little by little each day.

    If you start practicing this water habit regularly, it will cure all above mentioned diseases and you will enjoy all benefits of healthy life. In addition, we will provide a list of days it takes to practice this routine for curing certain kinds of diseases:

    • Constipation – 10 days
    • Gastric – 10 days
    • High blood pressure – 30 days
    • Diabetes – 30 days
    • TB – 90 days


    Patients with arthritis should practice this treatment only for 3 days the first week, and continue daily from next week.

    Undoubtedly, this water treatment has no side- effects, but you may need to urinate a few times more daily at the beginning of the treatment.

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    weight loss recipe with coffee

    Coffee is the most used and the most wanted ingredient that exist on the planet. Everyone enjoys the feeling and the drink of warm and smelly cup of an extraordinary coffee, which can relieves a lot of condition to your health and also to your welfare.

    A lot of articles have mentioned the benefits of the use of coffee, but maybe some of them haven`t mentioned how it helps in curing Parkinson`s disease, diabetes type 2, liver disease, liver cancer and it promotes the function of the heart.

    But, we can also mention that coffee is a great weight loss aid. So, if you prepare your morning coffee this way, it will certainly help you lose weight faster.

    The recipe which will help the previous thing is the following one :


    ▪ 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
    ▪ ½ cup of honey
    ▪ ¾ cup coconut oil
    ▪ 1 teaspoon of cocoa – optional

    How to make it ?

    Mix these ingredients properly until you get a homogeneous mixture.

    Store it in a closed container.

    How to use it?

    The best time for using it is exactly the morning. You should just  add 1-2 teaspoons of this remedy into your cup of hot coffee. Furthermore, it should be stired well before drinking.

    In addition, is known that cinnamon has a lot of health benefits. Cinnamon is very effective when it comes to fat burning, whereas coconut oil is rich in medium-chain triglycerides, in addition to being a great  source of healthy fat.Besides accelerating your metabolism, caffeine will also energize your body.

    Furthermore, honey is also very tasty and very healthy and wealthy to use. Even though it is sweet, but the benefits are overwhelming.

    As such, this wonderful coffee will set your body in a fat-burning mode, making you lose excess kilos and look stunning!

    Do not miss to try this powerful drink. When you get the results of it, you will become addicted!

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    Clean Your Liver and Lose Weight in 72 Hours With This Powerful Drink!!!

    weight loss recipe

    Extra weight is a problem to a lot of people. In order to get rid of that fat and extra weight they try various diets and exercises, but in the end there are no results. As a matter of fact, doctors think that the main reason for it may be the function of the liver.

    In the following text you will read very useful recipe in order to get rid of the toxins, improve the function of your liver and lose the unwanted fat in 72 hours.

    Get the following ingredients:

    • 4 glasses water
    • 3 lemons
    • 5 steams celery
    • 1 cup of cut parsley

    The procedure is this:

    All ingredients mentioned above should be put into a blender and blend them in order to make of them homogenous mixture. In a day drink it for three times and in the period before meals and the results will come in a few days.

    The best of it is that it is natural and homemade remedy. It has a lot of benefits because not just that helps you in getting rid of toxins, but it also improves your overall health.

    Do not hesitate, make it now!

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    All Symptoms, Signs, Treatments and Triggers of Hypo and Hyperthyroidism

    One of the most common disorders which occur to people is thyroid problem. Even though people speculate a lot about its signs, there are various confirmations about its symptoms and also its treatments.

    For those people who do not know, thyroid is a hormone which regulates body`s metabolism. It also has an influence on the growing of the body and deals with energy.

    Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are provided by low or high level of this hormone. Men are not so exposed on this disease, thus women are more. So, everyone should read and know more about them.


    Hypothyroidism versus Hyperthyroidism

    When the secretion of the hormone is not ideal, it leads in the previous mentioned disorders. Moreover, hormone output should not be excessive or deficient in production, because these conditions are providing hypo and hyperthyroidism.


    How to treat these diseases?

    Hypothyroidism symptoms range from trouble in concentration, tiredness, dry skin, cramping, muscle pain, excess fluid in tissues and thinning of hair. Person may also feel sensitive to cold temperatures. Hypothyroidism is caused when the thyroid hormone supply doesn’t fulfill the body’s needs.

    On the other hand, hyperthyroidism is caused when the thyroid gland is making too much hormone; this may result in unexpected weight loss, sleeping trouble, irritation, acceleration of heart rate, nervousness, anxiety, heat sensitivity or even diarrhea. You would definitely want to avoid all such issues.

    Sometimes when your thyroid works too hard, a large lump on your throat maybe formed. This is called goitre and is a sign of iodine deficiency.


    How to prevent it and cure it?

    1. Heat therapy

    In this way, you need to visit sauna or some kind of heat, therefore the toxins will disappear from the body.

    1. Exercise

    Daily exercise may bring good in re-balancing the hormone production.

    1. Uproot fundamental causes for thyroid sickness

    As mentioned above, food allergies, stress, nutritional deficiency or heavy metals should be treated before they cause hypothyroidism. Additionally, some foods can cause digestive distress, like, gluten and dairy products and should be avoided to ward off the disease.

    1. Optimal nutrition

    You need to take food which is reach with omega-3 fats, iodine, selenium, zinc. Flours, sugars and processed food need to be avoided.

    1. Stress management

    If you are stressed all the time and also exhausted mentally, the hormone can be disordered a lot. So, you need to take a deep breath and not to leave everything on your heart. Depression is also a factor which influences on thyroid hormone.

    1. Nutritional supplements

    Before you buy some medicines which are good for regulation of the thyroid hormone, firstly you need to consult your doctor, so you will be sure that it will have a positive effect on it.

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    10 Warning Signs that Your Body Is Lacking Water

    The key for overall health is the proper quality of water which should be invested in your body on daily base.  And in order to stay hydrated, it’s important to drink lots of fluids and eat foods high in water.

    Electrolyte imbalance is a situation where your body is dehydrated.


    In the following article, you are going to read when you should worry about the dehydration of your body.


    1. Headaches and Lightheadedness

    There is a fact which says that dehydration reduces the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain.

    1. Bad breath

    In a situation where your body feels dehydrated, you do not produce enough saliva, which in fact is good for your teeth. Dry mouth also makes you more likely to develop rapid tooth decay and gum (periodontal) disease.

    1. Abrupt food carvings

    Sometimes, we are not aware that we are in confusion about if we are thirsty or hungry. Namely, we crave for food when our body needs water.  Hence, if you suddenly feel the need to eat something, you should first drink a glass of water before you get something to eat.

    Furthermore, in the case of water loss and loss of electrolytes, the body has a great need for a salty food. In these cases, you should consume a sports drink which has sodium, or you can drink the mixture of some fresh lemon juice, a teaspoon of salt and a glass of water.

    1. Painful joints and muscles

    Here you will be amazed the most. You have never known that cartilage in your joints is made up from water at around 65% to 80% of water. That is why drinking water is very good for your bones.

    1. Reduced urination and change in color

    Regular urination results in a healthy amount of water intake, about four to seven times a day. Not urinating at regular intervals can be problematic as your body releases toxins through urination.

    Also the color of your urination is very important, and also shows signs if it is good or bad.

    1. Constipation

    There can occur a lot of definitions of this condition, but it shows that is a sign of dehydration leading to hardened stool due to excessive loss of fluid. Diarrhea and vomiting often lead to dehydration. This condition can even cause acid reflux and indigestion.

    1. Dry skin and lips
    2. Accelerated heartbeat

    Your heart rate and performance of it is depending in a big amount of the water which you are taking. The more you take, the less are the possibilities of occurring some kind of heart diseases.

    1. Brain fog

    Are you asking yourself what is the reason why you are so depressed and also why your mood is so changeable? Well, that has a lot in common with the hydration.

    1. Fatigue and lethargy

    There was made one research, which says that women who weren’t sufficiently hydrated after exercise scored lower on questionnaires assessing mood.

    Fluid loss causes your blood volume to drop and your blood pressure to rise. Your heart has to expand more energy to feed your brain, skin, and muscles with oxygen and nutrients . This can leave your feeling tired and sleepy.

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    17 Signs Of Mold Illness (And How To Tell If You’re At Risk)

    Mold Illness: What It Is and How You Know if You Have It

    Mold. You may not be able to see or smell it, yet it may be growing in your home and the reason you feel sick. Mold poisoning may be impacting your health. How do you know? In this blog, I want to cover mold illness and who is susceptible. In future blogs, I’ll cover what to do about it.

    Most likely your regular doctor won’t be much help. Conventional medicine doesn’t really believe that mold exposure is a problem. Plus it can be difficult to diagnose someone with mold toxicity; it can mimic many other conditions and symptoms are nonspecific.

    Symptoms of Mold Illness

    • Memory problems, brain fog, trouble with focus and executive function
    • Fatigue, weakness, post-exercise malaise and fatigue
    • Muscle cramping, aches and pains, joint pain without inflammatory arthritis, persistent nerve pain, “ice pick” pain
    • Numbness and tingling
    • Headache
    • Light sensitivity, red eyes, and/or blurred vision
    • Sinus problems, cough, shortness of breath, air hunger, asthma-like symptoms
    • Tremors
    • Vertigo
    • Persistent nerve pain
    • Abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, appetite changes
    • Metallic taste
    • Weight gain despite sufficient effort (weight loss resistance)
    • Night sweats or other problems with temperature regulation
    • Excessive thirst
    • Increased urination
    • Static “shocks”

    See how easily mold poisoning could go unnoticed, or mistaken for other conditions? Yet 30 years of good scientific evidence points to the serious health problem that mold can cause.


    The low-down on mold

    Mold is a multiple type of fungi which is growing in filaments. They reproduce by forming very small spores which sprout and fly away. Places where mold grows are damp, warm, and humid, inside and outside. Even if the place where you live is dry, there can appear mold if water leaks somewhere, or if there are poorly ventilated bathrooms, or even floods. It can grow anywhere, attaching your shoes, pets, clothes, carpets, books, furniture, and papers. It can ciruclate in the air system, especially if you do not change the filters.

    Water-damaged places create a mixture of contaminants which are present in the air and dust, resulting into a toxic chemical stew. It produces toxic chemicalsnamed mycotoxins that appear in the spores and fragments of mold into the air.

    No toxin from the mold is reponsible for all mold illnesses, but the cause is the water-damaged area itself. A recent reviewconnected sinuses as a common source of ongoing mold illnesses.


    Why is mold a problem?

    Toxicity caused by mold falls under the greater category of biotoxin illnesses which are familiar by the name Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, or CIRS. According to the author of Life in the Era of Dangerous Buildings, Ritchie Shoemaker, MD, CIRS is a chronic and acute, systematic inflammatory responsewhich is gained through the exposure of water-damaged buildings that have resident toxigenic organisms that include fungi, bacteria, actinomycetes, mycobacterium, and inflammagens. 24% of people are unable to create adequate antibody response and those are that comprise 95% of people that have illnesses which contribute from water-damaged buildings.


    Why are people susceptible to mold diseases?

    Those 24% of people have a certain immune response gene (HLA-DR), thus if you are among those who have mold susceptible genes, then you are likely to have an adverse reaction to mold whne you are exposed to a sufficient quantity of mold. 95% of the mold illnesses occurs in this subgroup, but there are 2% of people who are susceptible to it, but with a “sticker quicker” variation of the genes. If you are not susceptible, your chances are lower, but are not zero.

    Those people who are genetically susceptible to mold are not able to recognize s[ecific toxins as toxins, mold including, thus the mold (toxin) recirculates in their bodies, triggering inflammatory response. Most of them are unaware that they are genetically susceptible.

    These illnesses are a serious issue. They do not belong to the group of allergies, but rather they represent a state of chronic inflammation which is caused when the immune system becomes out of whack. CIRS does not heal on its own, it will not abate, and will go on provoking illnesses unless it is properly treated. The illness is built upon DNA and when it is trigerred once, the inflammatory response and the symptoms will last for years.


    How to diagnose CIRS?

    These are the criteria that have to be met in order to make a diagnosis of CIRS:

    – Any signs, symptoms, or history of biotoxin exposure. If the case is mold toxicity, history has to include toxin-producing mold exposure, and in other cases like ciguatera or mycrocystin, history needs to invlove exposure or lab evidence of exposure;

    – Genetic predisposition to illnesses related to biotoxins based on the identification of an HLA susceptible haplotype;

    – Any abnormalities that have been documented by the VCS testing;

    – Biomakers that consist of neuroimmune, vascular, and endocrine abnormalities which characterize this disease. If there is a history of biotoxin exposure, a susceptible genotype, and an abnormal CVS test you will probably show lab abnormalities that are seen in CIRS.


    We suggest you the following steps if you have issues with mold:

    Step 1: You can start learning about illnesses connected to mold. Try Dr. Shoemaker’s book.

    Step 2: Make a test of mold at your home. ERMI is one of the best tests. You can hire a profssional to do a visual inspection, or perform ERMI on your own for around $325. It is only helpful if it is positive. Better skip the testing, and hire a professional.

    Step 3: You can work with trained person at a clinic to do a test performed by Labcorp, panel # 167120.

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    Chinese Face Map “ Mien Shiang” Reveals Disease Symptoms Which Your Body Fights Against…

    Mien Shiang

    Mien Shiang is a Chinese medicine which appears to be more precise when it comes to diseases that your body fights. In fact, it is face mapping and that thing means that on your face you may read what kind of disease your body struggles.

    The essential and biggest part of your body is the skin. It may show symptoms of some diseases you fight. All imbalances may appear on your face and that thing may help a lot for making your body function regularly.

    The problems that can appear on our face are acne, rashes, sensitive skin, inflammation, redness, pronounced wrinkles and pigmentation.

    Forehead : bladder, heart and small intestine

    If you have very slow and overburden digestive system that means that you eat processed, fat and unhealthy food too much. Here can be included great consumption of alcohol, excessive sugar, as well as late night sleep. Moreover, stress, dirty hats, too much cosmetic products and worrying can cause this problem.

    In order to improve this condition eat raw food, drink a lot of water and take a deep and long sleep.

    Between and near the eyebrows : Liver

    This can be a sign that your digestive system works too much and doesn’t have enough rest and that is why it is functioning too fast.  Also, you can be allergic to some foods, such as corn or meat.

    Consume more raw and fresh food. Also, get some fresh air, practice yoga, walking and meditation.

    Below the eyes : Kidneys

    Smoking a lot, drinking alcohol a lot, bad lymph circulation and weakened heart may be the symptoms for this.

    Avoid caffeine and drink a lot of clean water. In that condition your body need to be hydrated all the time.

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    Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease By 40% With This Powerful Superfood

    Berries are fruits that have a lot of benefits. First of all, their cancer prevention agents are more effective than those in grapes. With more research in the air on the organic product’s impact on coronary illness, viral diseases, malignancy, and stroke, it’s turning out to be clear the modest cranberry positions close to the highest point of the sound sustenance pyramid.

    We will motivate you to buy berries any time you go to shopping.

    In case where you stomach is full of acid, juice that is made by cranberries helps the body pulverize Helicobacter pylor. This is the bacterium that causes ulcers and the worst, stomach growth. What is the regular intake of this juice? Some scientists in China admitted that benefits come when you take two 250 ml juice boxes of cranberry squeeze a day for 90 days.

    A study in Caries Research found that a 25 percent arrangement of unsweetened cranberry juice keeps the development of plaque, the gooey substance that can coat teeth and give a home to Streptococcus mutants, the essential tooth rot bacterium. All the more as of late, scientists in Canada found that mixes in unsweetened cranberry juice focus had the same impact on Porphyromonas gingivalis, an infection that assaults the gums and tissues supporting our teeth.

    Numerous and various studies show that, at any rate in vitro, the phytochemical components in cranberries hinder the development of a few sorts of human disease cells and actuate apoptosis, a type of cell demise—without hurting sound cells. Cornell University made research that showed that apoptosis in bosom disease cells was measurement subordinate — that is, more cells kicked the bucket as the measure of cranberry concentrates expanded.

    Another research that was made explained PACs restrained development of “lung tumors and colon and leukemia cells in vitro,” again without hindering ordinary mouse cells.

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    This is Used by all Women, and it Doubles the Risk of Ovarian Cancer

    25% of women in the whole world use douching in order to clean the vagina, even though the vagina cleans itself. This fact increases the risk of ovarian cancer. A lot of researches showed that and moreover it is confirmed that douching the vagina causes vaginal infections, which appears to be serious problem too.

    Joelle Brown, an epidemiologist, says that it is time for all women to stop douching their vagina and also urges women not to evaporate their vagina with irrigator.

    There are no symptoms when it comes to ovarian tumor. A recent analysis of a study published in the Epidemiology journal that followed more than 41 000 women in the USA and Puerto Rico since 2013. The women were aged 35-74, and had a sister suffering from breast cancer. At the beginning of the study, none subject was suffering from any type of cancer.

    In the year of 2014, 154 subjects were diagnosed with this disease. While was the beginning of this study, all those women who used douching for their vagina, doubled the risk of getting ovarian cancer. Moreover, the link was even stronger among women who had a family history of the disease.

    The researcher Clarice Veinberg from the Environmental Health Research says that there’s no reason to use douching, and many against. The vagina cleans itself naturally and squirting anything inside disrupts the natural balance and causes bacterial infections that can damage your reproductive health, so this is a fact that almost every woman knows, but keeps going with using this thing. However, women on the age of 15-44 still use this method.

    Never use perfumes to clean your vagina. All you need is warm water and soup and this is the best way to keep it healthy and not harmed.

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